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Past Chairmen of ABC of Georgia

Year Name   1993  Jerry Hobbs, Lauren Constructors
1971-1972 David Gale   1994 William Kelly, Century Contractors
1973 Orville Opp   1995 Johnny Cochran, Georgia Specialty Constructors
1974 Tom Hails, Hails Construction Company   1996 Jerry Cole, John W. Rooker & Associates
1975 Joe Guy, Joe N. Guy Company   1997 Buddy Duckett, Weeks Construction Services
1976 R.A. Cruikshank, Metropolitan Tractor Company   1998 John White, Bovis Construction Corp.(now with Beers Skanska)
1977 Lloyd Bird, Belco Electric   1999 Jeff Jernigan, Pinkerton & Laws
1978 Lou Thamer   2000 Terry Fox, Fox Building Company
1979 Dick Smith, Ruby Collins & Company   2001 Michael Russell, H.J. Russell & Company
1980 Ray Bowden, Bon Construction Company   2002 Bill Pinto, Hardin Construction Company, LLC
1981 John Flathe   2003 David Barrett, Dudley Barrett Construction Company
1982 Bob Moultrie, The Facilities Group   2004 Steve Smilie, Bovis Lend Lease
1983 Bob Silverman, Winter Construction   2005 Scott Unger, Autodesk/Constructware
1984 Bill Hart, Hart Glass Company   2006 Brett Fortune, Fortune-Johnson General Contractors
1985 Jim Williams, Palmer & Cay, Inc.   2007 Mike Doyle, J.K. Lockwood Construction Company, Inc.
1986 Ben Shapiro, Shapiro, Fussell   2008 Jeff George, Balfour Beatty Construction
1987 Don Dobbins, CCSI   2009 Les Juneau, Juneau Construction Company, LLC
1988 Arnold Silverman, Silverman Construction Services   2010 Kevin Grass, Noble Investment Group, LLC
1989 Jack Jones, Winter Construction   2011 Mike Hardin, Harcon, Inc. 
1990 Jim Taylor, Metric Constructors (now with Centex Construction   2012 Matt Waddell, Hardin Construction Company, LLC
1991 Tom Multer, Selasco (now with Reliable Automatic Sprinkler)   2013 Kirk Mathews, Reams Enterprises, Inc.
1992 Dick Farabaugh, In/Ex Systems, Inc.   2014 Sam Stiteler, MetroPower, Inc.
      2015 Phil Greeves, JAMCo, Inc.