Construction Academy
Bridge the gap in your construction knowledge

Over the course of nine sessions, Construction Academy attendees will receive an in-depth review of a project's lifecycle, from pre-construction to closeout. Seasoned professionals from ABC member companies will lead group discussions and activities, answering questions along the way. This program is excellent for your new hires who don't have much industry experience or employees who don't spend a lot of time on jobsites.


2018 Construction Academy - Full Program

Construction Academy can be taken as a full program or individual class. To register for individual classes, click on the desired class below:

March 28 // Understanding Project Documents
Scope of Work, Blueprints, Comparing Bids

April 25 // Preconstruction: A Guide to Estimating and Bidding
Estimates During Design Phases, Bid Preparation, Exclusions, Clarifications and Assumptions

May 30 // Procurement: Securing the Best Buyout
Awarding Contracts, Buyout, Scope Writing

June 27 // Mobilization
Permitting, Checklists, Insurance and Logistics

July 25 // Document Control
Administration, Daily Reports, Change Management, Software

August 29 // Scheduling
Baseline, Periodic Updates, Push vs. Pull, Delays, Resource/Cost Loading

September 26 // Safety
Planning, Leadership, Safety as a Core Value

October 31 // Quality
Warranty Issues, Customer Satisfaction, Aesthetics

November 14 // Closeout
Punch List, Documents, Technology, O&Ms, Buttoning it Up