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Read the latest updates from the most recent State legislative session under Georgia's Gold Dome, as summarized by ABC of Georgia lobbyist, Rusty Paul.

Legislative Update
Legislative Update

Legislative Update 01.29.18
Legislative Update
Legislative Update
Legislative Update 02.19.18


Join the Legislative Task Force to stay up-to-date on state and national legislative action. These members are responsible for identifying the governmental and legal issues impacting Georgia’s construction industry. This is a “just-in-time” task group that communicates via emails and conference calls.  It meets in-person when timely issues are raised that must be addressed.  When this group meets, it is usually during lunch, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm, at ABC Headquarters.  
For additional information, visit the Committees page. 

State Political Action Committee
The ABC of Georgia State PAC collects voluntary contributions from members to support State candidates who believe in ABC's philosophies free enterprise, open competition and less government regulation. These contributions may be individual or corporate contributions.

Make checks payable to:

ABC of Georgia PAC | 8975 Roswell Road | Atlanta, Georgia 30350